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Check out the different Divisions of Moor Industries and all the services we provide to the community!
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Our Divisions

Moor Industries is a Aboriginal multinational corporation and conglomerate based in NW Amexem (Corporate: Monroe, LA) with a very wide range of divisions, products and services. Here is a few project division Highlights:

The Moor Mart

The Moor Mart store will be our Urban retail distributor featuring elite products from the Moorian market!

  • We will sell Locally grown organic Produce
  • We will promote Urban Entrepreneurship and sell products from community innovators
  • We will create Moor jobs in the Urban Communities

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Moor Technology

Whether you’re looking to purchase the latest advancement in Urban technology or work besides some of the best engineers, developers and designers on the globe, than Moor Technology is the Place for YOU!

  • We design, manufacture and Produce Hardware products
  • We develop state of the art Mobile Apps and Digital software
  • We specialize in Electronics, Mobile, & Green Innovation

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Moor Hemp

Our company produces our own cannabis sativa and It is in fact the most useful plant known to mankind. Hemp is used to make over 25,000 consumer products, and we plan exploring the market as well

  • We supply, distribute and retail hemp apparel, accessories, house wares and hempseed oil cosmetics.
  • Hemp Food Products
  • Moor Hemp Bio-Fuel

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Moor Hydration

Moor Hydration is company division geared towards providing clean, water hydration to urban communities across the Globe!

  • Implement our own alkaline Water Vending Machines
  • Bottle our own water
  • Provide HIGH Quality water, for a LOW price!

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Moor Agriculture

Moor Agriculture Division’s main purpose is to create a healthy, organic sustainable food source for Urban Communities in America and across the globe!

  • Alkaline Fruits and Vegetables
  • Everything 100% Organic and GMO free!
  • Grown & Packaged by Moorian Farmers

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Why Choose Us?

Because we are the trusted brand in Urban Sustainable Development, and Our #1 Goal is to improve our communities!

Excellent Services

We strive to connect people with a sustainable infrastructure, while providing high quality service for their everyday needs.

Stimulating Urban Entrepreneurship

Our main mission is to stimulate urban entrepreneurship!

Insured Jobs

Insure a secured future by Volunteering your efforts to receive Company Equity Shares!

Holistic Treatment

With our Holistic services we are revitalizing the natural healing traditions of our Moorian Ancestors, while providing HIGH quality Cannabis Sativa & CDB Oils

Guaranteed Work

We are a Moorian owned company who Creates, Manufactures, & Distributes our own products from start to beginning

Quality and Reliability

All of our products are grown with Love, Quality and tender care; Satisfaction is always our Guarantee!

Now YOU can join our Movement today!

Would you Like to Join our movement for Change!? Well great, you can easily Volunteer by sending in your info below or be apart of the Moor Industries Family by joining our Community Fundraiser & Donating a little every Month! We feel that if we can get 2000 People to Donate at least $10, that will be enough for us to start building our first building Construction in our Washington Ave Project!

Volunteer for a “Equity-Exchange” today!

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Investor Updates

Check out our latest Investor Updates!

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