About us

We are Moor Industries...

“Rebuilding our Nation through Innovation”

Who We Are

Moor Industries is a Private Foreign Entity that serves as a Business Conglomerate under the Aboriginal Jurisdiction of Nation Liberation De Washitaw created in 2016 to empower the urban community with products, jobs, awareness and sustainability. Through innovation and group economics our company looks to unify the urban community, while also creating a growth in new Jobs.

Quality and Reliability

Moor Industries is a  international conglomerate working for the validity of Moorian life & uplifting humanity. We are striving to (re)build our communities, schools and economics by gaining their trust & delivering reliable services! WE ARE the change we want to see in this world!

Our Mission

As Secured-Party aboriginals Our Mission at Moor Industries is SIMPLE —> “Rebuild our Nation through Innovation”! We believe  in putting our hands in the dirt to lay a solid foundation for our community with no time for complaining!

Meet Our Team

The Officers of Moor Industries

Our Mission Plan

Our Mission Plan is to create new Businesses & Jobs, form a financial ecosystem, promote Healthy Holistic solutions, and educate our community!

Our Financial Dollars Will Be focused on Developing business divisions to meet the direct needs of the Community

Help support our mission to rebuild our community today by donating through our Independent Fundraising Platform titled MoorLivesMatter.com. With the community’s help we can build a strong economical infrastructure, and create a plan that’s sustainable for our future.

Donate to our Campaigns Below:

Fundraising Investments thus Far:

Agriculture 27%
Hemp 35%
Banking 15%
Cannabis 40%

Nation Liberation de Washitaw Mu’urs