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Moor Education

The Moor Education division is  dedicated to  bringing education, & enlightenment through the practices of commerce and ancient aboriginal sciences. We believe that in order to build a  strong nation it must first start with developing the Mind & mastering knowledge of self!

Our Aboriginal University

In order to uplift a nation they first must be Educated, and that’s our number one goal with Moor Education. We want to create an environment that’s fun yet educational for all age groups children and adult!

In the future We plan to raise funds to establish our own Aboriginal University & Educational Program! Throughout our university programs we plan on teaching Math, Geometry, Astronomy, Astrology, Metaphysics, Ancient History & Science, Alchemy and moor!

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I Self Law Am Master is a perfect university for those seeking a Deeper understanding of Commerce & the world around them. Our goal is to help individuals redeem their freedom from corporate bondage, and teach the basic principles of Law and Nationality –> launching MARCH 29th, 2017!! All of our classes are PRE-RECORDED and designed to fit around YOU and YOUR schedule!

Registration for your first Online course today, and start Mastering ThySELF for only $25 a class! We will be instructing on Commerce, Trust Law, and the importance of having your personal affairs in order!

Lessons will be taught, guided and instructed by the Great Empress Nkiru Ayanah El of the Nation Liberation De Washitaw

Watch pre-recorded videos and stay in direct touch with the instructor! We’ll also be featuring special guest instructors and professors from all over the world!

Check out the Live shopping Cart featuring Classes to purchase, with customized Templates to help YOU operate your personal Estate!

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