Moor Hydration is the New solution for reliable H20 across the Nation! With our products, we plan on bringing a Multitude of renewable & safe water sources  to our Urban communities desperately struggling in need. Our Goal is to not only provide communities with safe drinking water, but healthy Alkaline solutions to help purify the body!

Moor Hydration's Atmospheric Water Generator
"The Aquarius TS-24"

Check out the Product Specifications before you purchase!

3-Layer Air & 4-Layer Water Filtration system to keep your water crystal and Clean as the machine absorbs water from the atmosphere!

Review the Eight great features of this Fabulous atmospheric Water machine!

Moor Hydration's "CHAKRA INFUSIONS"
(Infused Alkaline Water)
Coming 2018

Fresh fruit  grown and infused into our Chakra Infusions Brand!

All Fruit and edible products are examined by the Nation Liberation Department of Agriculture for safety and consumption!

Our Chakra Infusions water will not only have a High pH level but also contain Alkaline Fruits to heighten it’s intensity!

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  • Terrico Johnson

    Terrico Johnson

    To be honest I love wyd 1000% den sum keep it up

    • MoorIndustries


      Thank you Family, thats truly a blessing!!

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