Moor Cannabis was created with two goals in mind: Providing high quality cannabis, and expert medical care and counseling to those who are coping with chronic or terminal conditions, and want to achieve maximum wellness for their bodies and minds. We pride ourselves on being proactive when it comes to assisting patients with ailment-strain alignment.

We look to provide premium organic strains, patient education and support services, an assortment of edibles and infused products, private purchasing appointments, complementary classes, and innovative accessories to qualifying patients. Our set date to launch is Fall 2018, in Ouachita Parish, Amexem (Misnomer: Monroe, Louisiana)


Our Rules, Rights, & Regulations!

Being that we are Nationals we have the Lawful right to grow marijuana on our property that we have proclaimed the “Aboriginal Title”. Also not to mention, The United States Justice Department just announced that it will instruct all U.S. attorneys to no longer prevent any Native American tribes from growing, or selling marijuana on reservation land.

This includes reservations within states that prohibit marijuana use, as the reservations are sovereign entities, apart from the states that surround them. Under the Nation Liberation De Washitaw Jurisdiction, the Rules for Marijuana Distribution are as follows:

  • There will be no selling to individuals under the age of 18
  • We will not sell to criminal gangs, enterprises or Cartels
  • Practice good faith and Prevent any action of Violence during the cultivation of Marijuana
  • Prevent Drugged driving and other adverse public health consequences
  • Grow, Cultivate and sale ONLY on National Land with “Aboriginal Titles”


How We Will Service The People

The Moor Cannabis Division looks to service the community in a Multitude of ways! We plan on having some of the Best Marijuana cannabis strains along with edibles, accessories and holistic solutions! If Quality Cannabis is what you are looking for then search no further, because we will be the Elite Urban Provider across the lands of Amexem!

Our Cannabis Dispensary will serve some of the best Sativa & Indica Cannabis plants around!

The “Sebi Survivor Center” will not only be a Holistic Medical center, but a world renowned museum for viewers to check out the Lifetime achievements of the great Dr. Sebi!

Need Accessories? Well we got you covered! With our Cannabis accessories & edibles we should have you covered for all your smoking needs or a tasty late night snack!


Location & Facilities

As of now, Our Dispensary & Farm locations will be kept disclosed until we finish securing the property and properly protect our assets.  Come March 2018 we look to open to the general public for visitation & weekend volunteering. Our Moor Cannabis division will operate from two different locations:

  • Quachita Parisha, Amexem (Misnomer: Monroe, LA) – Retail Facility
  • 3 Acre Cannabis Facility
  • 10+ (25ft x 65ft) Greenhouses
  • Outside Lounge, Grill & Smoke Area
  • 8 (7m) Diameter Yurt Tent Housing for Workers & Volunteers
  • State of the Art Dispensary

Moorland, Amexmen (Misnomer: Westmoreland, Jamaica) – Our Cannabis Farm

  • 15+ Acres of land
  • Fertile Soil
  • Manufacturing Center & Processing Facility
  • 10+ Employee farmers


Help us Bring the #MoorCannabis Dream to life by Investing in our company for as little as $10 a Share! We believe through group economics and community support we can acquire any thing we put our minds too! Join the Movement today, and become apart of the change!

Help us Bring the #MoorCannabis Dream to life by DONATING to our online “BRICK by BRICK” campaign on Each Donation will be used to construct our Aboriginal Facilities & raise awareness of our mission, while also rewarding individuals with Engraved BRICKS! Log on to our fundraising platform today and support our movement!

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